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SanFoot Fabrication Guide for SanFoot and SanPly Wood Veneers

From vertical wall panels and partitions to ceiling panels and furniture surfaces, SanFoot Pre-finished Wood Veneer and SanPly Unfinished Wood Veneer is available in over 90 species with thousands of different stain colors and sheen levels.

TransTec Understanding Transluscent Wood Veneers

TransTec transluscent wood veneer can be applied to numerous transparent substrates and backlit to produce beautiful affects. TransTec can also be supplied with flexible and hardy Acrylic backers providing unlimited potential to exploit the full beauty of wood.

SanFoot Acoustical Panels

SanFoot veneers are perforated and bonded to a variety of sound absorbtive substrates to provide NR vaklues among the best of any in the industry. For ceiling and wall treatments where wood and sound absorption are required, SanFoot Acoustical Panels are the solution.

SanFoot Glass Components

SanFoot veneers sandwiched in glass or acrylic can be supplied either single sided for wall panels or work surfaces or double sided when both sides of the component are seen. They can be opaque or transluscent.

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