Installing SanFoot Products

Applying SanFoot to Ceilings

All ceiling finishes reflect the light in such as way as to expose any undulations or imperfections in the ceiling substrate, so it is important that the Level 5 finish is acheived. The more reflective the finish, the more evident any imperfections become. Although all sheen levels can be used, the standard finish will better mask any imperfections.

The Flatts, Cleveland

It is likely that a ceiling will run beyond 10' in length and therefore you must install the SanFoot with End Match. This must be requested at the time of order.

In order to acheive the best results, follow the primer and adhesive combination below.

  • 1. Remove existing wall covering using Roman Piranha Wall Paper Stripper. Follow directions on container.
  • 2. Seal existing dry wall with one (1) coat of Roman Rx-35 (PRO-999) applied @ recommended spread rate. Allow to dry over night
  • 3. Apply two (2) coats of Roman PRO-977 Ultra Primer applied @ recommended spread rate. Allow each coat to dry overnight
  • 4. Finally, apply one (1) coat of Roman PRO-935 (R-35) Adhesion Promoting Primer @ recommended spread rate. Allow to dry overnight.
  • 5. Apply Roman PRO-732 Extra Strength Clay Adhesive @ recommended spread rate to the back of the wood veneer sheet / panel. Book for 5 minutes then hang and smooth using a plastic smoothing tool.

The Flatts, Cleveland, OH

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