Installing SanFoot Products

Working With External Corners

Installing SanFoot around external corners is very similar to installing a traditional vinyl wallcovering.

  • 1. Sieze the wall both sides of the corner
  • 2. Make sure there are 3" or more either side of the corner before terminating the SanFoot
  • 3. Moisten the face of the SanFoot with a mosit sponge before, during and after folding
  • 4. Insure you are always folding with the grain
  • 5. Always overlap and double cut at seams. Be sure not to cut into the drywall.
  • 6. Always use a new blade with each seam
  • 7. Always keep the veneer thoroughly clean of adhesive using clean water and sponge
Installation Instructions are followed precisely.

SanFoot External Corner from Paul on Vimeo.

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