Installing SanFoot Products

Bonding Over High Pressure Laminates

Painted metal, stainless steel, plastic laminate and other non-porous surfaces will require the use of a contact adhesive. (Never use contact adhesive on drywall or plaster).

  • 1. Preparation: Always be sure that both surfaces to be bonded to are clean and free of all dust and foreign matter. The SanFoot and substrate should be stored in the same environment for 24-48 hours before starting the installation. This will allow both products to acclimatize before bonding.
  • 2. Adhesive: When using a contact adhesive, always insure 100% coverage on both the back of the SanFoot and the face of the substrate. Let the adhesive have the correct amount of dry open time. If you bond to soon, you will trap gases that will later call blisters. The time can vary depending on airflow around the work area, and ambient temperature and humidity conditions at the time of installation. Follow the contact adhesive manufacturers instructions.
  • 3. Bonding: When a contact adhesive is being used the best method of pressure is a lot of pressure all at one time. This pressure can be applied by using an acrylic smoothing tool covered with a felt cloth to prevent marring the SanFoot. (Do NOT use a J-Roller for applying pressure.) Starting in the center of the surface to be bonded, push the smoother from the center to the outside of the work piece. Push down as hard as possible. Keep doing this as you move over three to four inches at a time ( your smoother should be 4-5 inches wide) until you have rubbed down the entire surface.

  • 4. Time – Don’t Rush your work. In order for contact cement to work, a chemical reaction must take place. This reaction produces gas and you need to allow this gas to escape from the edges. Many jobs appear perfect and then blisters start to appear. Reason for this may include: 1) insufficient adhesive coverage; 2) Not enough pressure was applied to form an intimate bond; 3) Insufficient amount of open time.

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