Installing SanFoot Products

Test Area For Approval

Without exception EVERY installation must follow this process.

At no additional cost to the owner, the Wallcovering Installation Contractor shall install not less than three (3) full-width sheets of each pattern specified in an area designed by the Architect, Designer or owner. If the installation includes end matching sheets to achieve heights beyond the natural sheet length, the test area must include an end matched pair.

The test installation area shall be reviewed for conformance to the manufacturer’s standard installation instructions and recommended adhesives.

Only the Architect, Designer or owner shall approve the test installation. The Contractor shall replace any unsatisfactory sheets as directed and until the test area is accepted by the Architect, Designer or owner.

Use of an unspecified adhesive, primer or any additional finishes will VOID the manufacturers warranty at time of installation. Future problems that may occur as a result of incorrect procedures are not the responsibility of Jacaranda, Inc. or any of their distributors.

The approved test area shall remain as part of the finished installation work and as a standard of comparison for the installation throughout the project. The Contractor shall not install specified material beyond the test area, prior to the approval of the test area, by the Architect, Designer or owner. Proceeding beyond this point will be done at the installer’s sole risk and will absolve Jacaranda, Inc. and the SanFoot distributor of any and all responsibility.

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