Installing SanFoot Products

 Installing SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer Wallcovering

Apply the sheets to the wall in sequence, filling in over doors and windows from consecutive sheets. After applying each SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer Wallcoveringsheet on the wall, smooth with an acrylic smoothing tool, or with tools that will not mar the finish. Insure that all air bubbles are eliminated and there is a good adhesion between the SanFoot and the substrate. Smooth the entire surface area of the sheet to ensure all air pockets are eliminated. Air bubbles must be removed, and installation errors corrected, before the adhesive dries. Remove excess adhesive from each sheet as you progress and prior to installing the next sheet. Use a clean, moist, natural sponge to remove excess adhesive and dry the surface with a lint-free towel. It is very important to change water frequently in order to maintain cleanliness and not to streak the appearance. DO NOT install SanFoot with temporary lighting. Installation with permanent lighting is recommended. Sufficient lighting will insure the ability to see air pockets, bubbles and other installation imperfections that may occur.

Overlap and double cut all seams with a clean sharp razor blade. Change blade after each cut. For installation of SanFoot sheets ten (10’) and longer, Jacaranda Inc. requires all joint seams to be double cut in order to achieve a tight acceptable joint seam. Vertical joints should not occur less than 2-1/2” from all outside and inside corners if at all possible based on the corner being in square. Leaving SanFoot Overlapped at seams is not acceptable.

The following holds true on all corners that are square. Wrapping an outside corner with SanFoot is done in the same manner as heavy-duty vinyl wallcovering, with one exception. When bending around an outside corner wet the face of the prefinished SanFoot with clean water and a clean lint-free rag. The moisture added will allow the wood to bend around the corner without breaking. Follow these same steps for an inside corner as well. Note: If the corner is not straight and true please contact your SanFoot distributor or Jacaranda for additional instructions.

Air bubbles must be removed and installation errors must be corrected before adhesive dries. Sufficient lighting will greatly assist in seeing bubbles and other installation problems. After installing three (3) sheets of , inspect the material for proper installation. If problems occur, STOP and contact the local SanFoot Distributor. Proceeding beyond this point will be done at installer’s risk and will absolve Jacaranda, Inc. and the local SanFoot distributor of all responsibility.

Test Area For Approval

At no additional cost to the owner, the Wallcovering Installation Contractor shall install not less than three (3) full-width sheets of each pattern specified in an area designed by the Architect, Designer or owner. If the installation includes end matching sheets to achieve heights beyond the natural sheet length, the test area must include an end matched pair.

The test installation area shall be reviewed for conformance to the manufacturer’s standard installation instructions and recommended adhesives.

Only the Architect, Designer or owner shall approve the test installation. The Contractor shall replace any unsatisfactory sheets as directed and until the test area is accepted by the Architect, Designer or owner.

Use of an unspecified adhesive, primer or any additional finishes will VOID the manufacturers warranty at time of installation. Future problems that may occur as a result of incorrect procedures are not the responsibility of Jacaranda, Inc. or any of their distributors.

The approved test area shall remain as part of the finished installation work and as a standard of comparison for the installation throughout the project. The Contractor shall not install specified material beyond the test area, prior to the approval of the test area, by the Architect, Designer or owner. Proceeding beyond this point will be done at the installer’s sole risk and will absolve Jacaranda, Inc. and the SanFoot distributor of any and all responsibility.

Follow All instructions carefully. Do NOT rush the installation.

If you have any questions regarding the installation procedures herein, contact your local SanFoot Distributor or call Jacaranda, INc. at 305-624-0003 or 800-224-6384 before beginning the installation of this product.

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